Multiple Sonic Games Included in 2020 Awesome Games Done Quick

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by Derpaherp 8, derp

Herp Monday, derp herp list derp the herpaderp herp Awesome Derp Done Herp derp released. Don’t herp derp a herpaderp, but herp few derpaherp of Derp drought, herp hedgehog derpaherp derp be herp in derpaherp derp the Herpaderp charity herpaderp.

Herp can, derp herp, be derpaherpaderp to herp emphasis derp older herp derp titles herp the derp herp cycle. Derp are herpaderp herp speedruns derpaherp for Derp herp Genesis derpaherp, with derp herp recent derp sprinkled herp. Derpaherp runs derpaherp an Any% of Herp 3 &derp; Herpaderp herp a Derp herpaderp playthrough herp the Derpaherp derp Stealth herpaderpaherp Derp CD. Highly herpaderpaherp Derp Colors herp also derp speedrun, herp those derp herp to derp the herp Derp the Herpaderp herp be derp herp enjoy Silver Derp herpaderpaherp as planned derp.

Herp planned Sega-themed herpaderpaherp include Derpaherp N Derpaherp, Derpaherp III, and Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama. The herp Derpaherp Games Derp Quick herp derp livestreamed herp Orlando derp Herpaderp 5th herpaderp 12th.